I Can’t Love Him Most

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I love my husband. Every day I am so proud that he is mine. It seems that each and every time he boldly declares God’s word from the pulpit, I become more thankful that he is a godly, loving, caring, truth-telling man…that he is my man. I know that having a husband who takes his role in the home seriously is a blessing from God, as is being married to a man who loves to tell others about the good news of Jesus. Truly, I am blessed beyond measure to be a certain preacher’s wife. But no matter how proud of him I may be, or how great of a husband he is, I just can’t love him most. 

There are many women out there posting really sweet things to Facebook and Twitter; things like, “I love my husband more than anything!” or “My husband is the most important thing to me!” or “I would do anything for my husband!” On the surface, these statements seem aww-inducing and cute. I think I have even made some of these statements in the past, especially as a newly married woman. But now, I catch myself when I’m tempted to type these words or say them out loud because really, I hope they’re not true.

It is my prayer that I don’t love my husband more than anything. I don’t want my husband to be the most important thing to me. I hope I wouldn’t do anything for my husband. Jesus said in Luke 14:26, “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.” Since wife is included in that list, we know husband is implied as well. Your marital relationship cannot be your most important relationship. And if you do place your husband above Jesus, you cannot be His disciple. That would be a travesty because if we’re not disciples of Jesus, we won’t be with Him for eternity in heaven.

SoI don’t love my husband more than anything. I love him more than my children, sure. I love him more than my family, obviously. Our relationship is one I value above all other earthly ones, but it doesn’t compare to the relationship I have with my God. Yes, I love my husband more than my job or my clothes or my pets or anything else carnal, but I don’t love him more than I love my Lord. I don’t love him more than I love myGod. I don’t love him more than I love the Word. And I won’t allow him to become the King of my life, because that position is occupied. 

I cannot allow my husband to become the most important thing to me, either. I can’t neglect worship because I need some alone time with my husband. I don’t plan a date night for a night I should be gathering to study about and grow closer to my Father. I don’t focus on him during worship – even if he’s the one speaking – because my primary relationship comes first, always, and most especially in worship. 

And while I’m eliminating all of those cutesy phrases from my vocabulary, I should also mention that I definitely wouldn’t do anything for my husband. I wouldn’t break the commands of God for my husband. Should something lure my husband away from God, I wouldn’t allow his unfaithfulness to drive me to unfaithfulness. 

I love my husband, a lot. And there is no person on this earth more important to me than he is. But there are Three who created the earth Who are far more important to me, and they always will be. I pray that I will never allow myself to love my husband most and that you won’t either. Instead, may we always love the Lord most, and count our relationship with Him above all.