My Favorites

As much as I appreciate you visiting Perspectives of a Bondservant, there are a lot of great blogs and resources out there I think you should take advantage of.  Here are some of my favorites:

The Light Network – A family of great podcasts organized by Robert Hatfield.  The podcasts range from preparing for worship, to raising kids, to lighthearted variety shows.

A Legacy of Faith – Daily blog posts written by the of families of Jim & Donna Faughn, Adam & Leah Faughn, and Jeremiah & Amber Tatum.  All blogs are focused around raising a family that will go to heaven.

Plain Simple Faith – Blog posts written by Ben Giselbach that focus on a variety of spiritual topics.  Ben does a great job of taking either a difficult or “hot” topic and discussing it in very simple terms.

Radically Christian – Wes McAdams has a wealth of information on his site including blog posts, YouTube videos, books, and podcasts.

The Colley House – If you like to read (and I assume you do since you’re on this site), you need to bookmark this site.  Glenn & Cindy Colley, as well as their children’s families, have lots of great books and resources you need make use of.

Preacher Pollard – Blog posts written by Neal Pollard that really make you stop and think.

Coffee and a BibleBible-centered devotionals with a touch of java.  Who doesn’t love that?  Brady Cook is a very talented writer that provides weekly blog posts about a variety of spiritual topics.  He also has books he has written on his site, and provides daily inspiration on his Twitter feed (@coffeeandabible).

I’m sure there are lots more out there, but these are ones that I follow on a continual basis.  If there are a few you find helpful, please send me a message and let me know.


* Please note that these are not paid endorsements, and I am not personally associated with these sites (other than being their brother in Christ).  Any opinions reflected on their site is their own opinion.  I encourage you to always study diligently, no matter what the source of the information (Acts 17:11).