Our Favorites

As much as we appreciate you visiting Perspectives of a Bondservant, there are a lot of great blogs and resources out there we think you should take advantage of.  Here are some of our favorites:

The Light Network – A family of great podcasts organized by Robert Hatfield.  The podcasts range from preparing for worship, to raising kids, to lighthearted variety shows.

A Legacy of Faith – Daily blog posts written by the of families of Jim & Donna Faughn, Adam & Leah Faughn, and Jeremiah & Amber Tatum.  All blogs are focused around raising a family that will go to heaven.

Plain Simple Faith – Blog posts written by Ben Giselbach that focus on a variety of spiritual topics.  Ben does a great job of taking either a difficult or “hot” topic and discussing it in very simple terms.

Radically Christian – Wes McAdams has a wealth of information on his site including blog posts, YouTube videos, books, and podcasts.

The Colley House – If you like to read (and I assume you do since you’re on this site), you need to bookmark this site.  Glenn & Cindy Colley, as well as their children’s families, have lots of great books and resources you need make use of.

Preacher Pollard – Blog posts written by Neal Pollard that really make you stop and think.

Gospel Broadcasting Network – The GBN website provides a wealth of resources, including live streaming of their network, as well as on-demand videos like debates.  At the bottom of the home page is a place to sign up for a daily email newsletter that contains a devotional thought.

We’re sure there are lots more out there, but these are ones that we follow on a continual basis.  If there are a few you find helpful, please send us a message and let us know.


* Please note that these are not paid endorsements, and we are not personally associated with these sites (other than being their brother in Christ).  Any opinions reflected on their site is their own opinion.  I encourage you to always study diligently, no matter what the source of the information (Acts 17:11).