What is Truth?

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The world we live in is constantly changing. In fact, it changes so much it would be weird now if those changes stopped happening. As mankind has grown and developed we have had the opportunity to use the minds that God has given us to discover so many new and wonderful things this world has to offer. Just looking at the advancements and changes, even within just my lifetime, it is truly remarkable how far mankind has come. Many of these developments have been so beneficial to the world, and some have even at times saved lives. But not all of the changes that mankind has made have been good.

When God created the world, the world was perfect. God created man in His image and said that His creation was very good (Genesis 1:27-31). He bestowed upon His creation free will that allowed mankind to make his own choices. Some of those choices have been good, but other choices have led mankind towards sin and darkness. In our world today, technology is not the only thing that has changed. People have changed in regards to their moral stance in life. What used to be wrong is now acceptable. What used to be considered good moral values has been labeled as peculiar, strange, and some would even say close-minded and judgmental. For some, truth no longer exists. There is no moral standard. What’s true for one person is said to not be true for someone else. Truth is being called relative. In this ever-changing world, some people have given up on the idea of absolute. To them, there is no standard to morality, and to believe in such a standard is just ignorant. Truth is under attack.

Now before we get any further into this discussion, I want to make a few things clear. Everyone can have their own opinion. In fact, I have an opinion on which college football team is the best in my eyes. But not all matters of opinion are necessarily true. Some things are just an opinion, not truth. Truth is truth. Now it is possible I do not know the truth yet. It is possible that I have unintentionally believed something that I thought was true even though it was not. Believing something that I think to be true when it is not true does not make truth relative; it makes me wrong. Also in this physical world that we live in there are things that have options. Some mathematical equations can be solved in various ways. Some of those ways work all the time, and some of the ways only work sometimes and under certain conditions. So, yes, some things in life have options and are conditional. Some things even fall into matters of opinion. But that does not take away from what truth is: truth.

Truth exists in our world and beyond, and so do lies. The father of all lies, John 8:44, has convinced many people in the world that truth does not exist and that it is not absolute. From the very beginning, the devil has used lies to lead mankind towards sin. In Genesis 3 when the serpent tempted and convinced Eve to take and eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he did so with a lie disguised as the truth. With one small word, “not”, he twisted what God had said and went on to even challenge the motives of God and His command. This same devil is still roaming around “like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).  Thankfully we serve a God that loves us and has given us the truth in His Word (John 17:17). That truth can make us free (John 8:32). As we look into His Word, we see God as the Creator (Genesis 1:1). He is our standard of living and morality. Jesus is, “The way, the truth and the life”, and nobody comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). The Truth is set before us. There is only one way to Salvation. No other options or special conditions. We must submit to His Will, have our sins washed away, and live a life faithful to Him. Let us all continue to speak the truth and recognize that it will always be absolute.