You Don’t Love God…

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If you love the Lord you will ______________. Fill that in with whatever comes to mind first. You could say that if you love God, you will study the Bible. What would you be saying if you did not study the Bible? Of course, it would have to mean that you do not love God. What we understand is that there have been commandments given to us by the Lord, and we would be wise to follow them. But why do we need to follow God? Well, for one God created the universe and everything in it (Genesis 1-2). Mankind was a part of the creation; therefore, He has dominion over me. Secondly, God loves me. He did not just create me to walk this Earth with no plan. He sent His Son (John 3:16). Jesus died on the cross for our sins (Acts 2). We should reciprocate the love that has been given. How do we do that? By living for Jesus, like Jesus, and seeking the lost.

Friends, let me tell you something: You don’t love God if you are not seeking the lost.  Why do I suggest that? It is easy to come to Church. It is easy to open your Bible. It is easy to live right. If it were too difficult to do these things, God would not have put them on us (Matthew 11:30)! The sad thing is that many people are not doing these things. Yet, there is another thing that is easy: seeking the lost. We were given a command by Jesus that was just like attending services, living after Him, and studying. Matthew 28:18-20 tells us that we are to go into all the world and teach the Gospel, and as a result of that we would make disciples. How many disciples have you made? Jesus did not say: “If you want to go, well then by all means go.” No. It was an imperative statement. You must bear fruit! For the remainder of this study consider John 15.

THOUGHT #1 YOU ARE A BRANCH.  John 15:5 informs us that we are the branches and that Jesus is the vine. If we abide in Christ, we will bear much fruit. Branches serve one purpose: bear fruit. What does Jesus say happens to the branch that does not bear fruit? John 15:2 tells us that these branches are purged so that they might actually bear fruit! Are you bearing fruit, or would you be purged? You are a branch. Make sure you do your job.

THOUGHT #2 BEARING FRUIT GLORIFIES GOD. The disciple’s purpose of bearing fruit brings glory to the Father (John 15:8). Not only does it glorify God, but it shows that we love Him as He loves us (John 15:9-10). “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). What is this saying? Saving someone’s life is a great gift. How much more then would it be to help save their soul from hell!?

Finally, we must consider John 15:14. “You are my friends if you do what I command you.” I want to be Jesus’ friend, not His enemy. I want to show my love for God and the Church by seeking the lost. If on judgment day you are found as a branch having borne no fruit, you will be purged. You don’t love God if you are not seeking the lost.