Is My Faith Real?

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Jesus said, “I said therefore unto you that ye shall die in your sins for if ye believe not that I am he ye shall die in your sins” (John 8:24). We as humans always have doubts. We sometimes doubt that fruit at Walmart is edible. Doubt is almost natural to us, and it is understandable that we would doubt when it comes to something as important as the existence of God. We live in a world hostile to Christianity, and many times we feel as if God is not there, and we are just fending for ourselves.

If God was real, then wouldn’t he take care of all my problems? Wouldn’t he heal all the people who are laid up in the hospital with cancer? Wouldn’t he keep people from killing innocent children? Why would God allow these things to take place? The fact that bad things happen in our world is not a reason to doubt the existence of God. While God does care about our problems, everything we face is man’s fault and not His. If this was a court case and God was on trial, we would be falsely accusing him. It would be no different for me to go to the mayor of Chicago and accuse him of being guilty of all the killings that take place there. The mayor is in charge, but it is the people’s decision to obey the law or to disobey. Law enforcement will try to punish those who are guilty, but it is not their fault when things go wrong. The same is true with God; He will punish those who are guilty of sin, but he did not make them sin.

The question comes down to what people are willing to believe. The Jews who accused Stephen stopped up their ears because they didn’t want to hear what he had to say (Acts 7:57). Members of the Church would be shocked to hear that people in denominations are beating us in many ways. In fact, we can learn a lot from those who are not of the same faith. Now I am not saying that everything they do is right, but there are things from which we can learn. Jesus said that those around him should observe what the Pharisees said, but not to do what they did (Matt. 23:3). Jesus said that the Pharisees were teaching the truth, but they were not acting on what they taught. Many in the denominational world are not ashamed by their faith while members of the Church are terrified to speak out. Unfortunately, few believe this fact. Christians have become content to just sit back and keep their faith to themselves. If we keep our faith to ourselves, how can we truthfully say that we have faith? Far too often, a member of the Church is just another person sitting in a pew. We must realize that God is real, and we have a responsibility to go out into the world and let them know that He is real. God loved us enough that He gave His Son to die on the cross. Is it too much for us to tell people about it?

          “Is my faith real?” This question has crept into the lives of Christians all over this world. We must always remember the love that God has for us. We cannot let this world continue to break us down with their arguments and slander. Our God has stood the test of time, and He will till there is no more time. Let us never forget the God who loves and cares for all of us, and let us keep our faith real.