Recharge or Drain?

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One of the biggest things that teenagers have to keep an eye on is the battery level of our phones. Usually, we are not really concerned about our battery level until it is too late to do something about it. We all have probably experienced that disappointing feeling, which you can only receive from your phone dying at an inopportune time. One time I knew my phone was about to die and there was nothing I could do about it till I got home since I was at my grandparents’ house around one of our festive holidays. I was considering just shutting my phone down and plugging it up when I got home. My phone usually dies around two or three percent instead of one percent. At the time my phone was around three or four percent, and I knew it was going to die, very soon.

I decided not to shut my phone down, and I got a text when my battery level displayed two percent. I was surprised when I checked the message and read it. The text was from one of my good friends who was doing an activity they detested, but this activity was one I very much enjoy. Once I processed that information I only had 30 seconds before my phone died. I was simultaneously experiencing joy, frustration, hope, and urgency right as my phone said the dreaded words, “Shutting Down.” I was determined not to let that be the end. Fortunately, after some anxious investigating, I discovered my Grandpa’s flip phone charger worked for my phone. After a couple of minutes of charging, I was able to power my phone back up and respond to my friend.

Our phones need energy to function. As human beings, we need energy or power to survive. We need physical nourishment. If you doubt me, attempt to go a few days without food or water. It will not take long to figure out you need food. Honestly, I would feel accomplished if I went 12 hours without food or drink. (A study of fasting or intentionally going without food for spiritual purposes can be done by those interested in this Bible subject.) We all know we need physical nourishment.

However, I want to conclude this article by asking us to focus on the most important kind of energy or nourishment needed. Spiritual energy is an overlooked aspect in the lives of many people. If our spiritual life is not right, nothing else will ultimately matter. As Christians, we can help “charge” each other. Positive encouragement can be a source of spiritual energy that helps us build each other up as Christians. It seems this is what the Hebrew writer was meaning when he explained why we should come together at times of worship in chapter 10, verses 24 and 25.

Sadly, people in the world are often energy-drainers. Worse, some Christians are energy-drainers. Energy drainers “suck” the life out of other people, and what they do not realize is they hurt themselves at the same time. They choose to move the spotlight away from their own faults and onto other people’s deficiencies. When it comes to their lives, they feel like they are the victim, and others are continually mistreating them. They may even feel like they are a special gift of God to mankind, if I may say it as boldly as that. Sound familiar?

Do not point to someone else’s life! Examine yourself. I know I have been guilty of some of these things. I am confident we all have room for improvement. As Christians, we need to shine our lights. We need to “build” or “edify” one another, according to 1 Thessalonians 5:11. This will help “recharge” one another. I am sure Satan loves when he can use Christians to hurt other Christians. Let us make sure we do not help him (Satan) harm others.

What Christian do you know whose “battery level” is running low? Who can you “recharge” by your words of encouragement? It will require more effort than plugging in your phone, but it is a far more important work we should all try to be involved in whenever God gives us the opportunity.