Put Some Clothes On

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It is that time of year again. The weather is getting hotter, and it makes it more difficult for humanity. For the ladies, it is seemingly hard to locate any type of clothes that would be modest to wear. For the men, it is seemingly hard to look around without seeing someone in immodest clothing. What are we to do? The simple answer would be for the men to train their eyes to not look and for the ladies to do whatever they can to be modest. However, that proposition is not simple. Can you believe that the majority of this world is not concerned with spiritual thinking? In fact, the Bible teaches that there will be more unfaithful than faithful (Matthew 7:14-15). Because of this truth, we need to ask ourselves which one we will be.

Ladies, you have often been browbeaten over modesty. Many times when this subject is preached, you are the ones blamed for immodest apparel. Do not get me wrong, I believe you can play a role in how modest or immodest you are. That is not to say that you are the only ones who play a part. Dear sisters, we need to remember the following ideas: First, We are God’s handiwork (Ephesians 2:10). Since we are made by God’s hands, we should take careful consideration into what this world does versus what God wants us to do. Secondly, We cannot allow the world to put us in its image (Romans 12:2). The world wants you to believe that the female body should be shown off. “Everyone else is wearing this, so it is ok for you to wear it.” There are many other things that the world has professed to be good that we know are not. Thirdly, We know what is immodest (Genesis 3:7).

When Adam and Eve ate of that fruit and had their eyes opened, they immediately realized that in the knowledge they had just gained that they were no longer considered modest. They made what they thought would cover them properly. In Genesis 3:21, however, the Lord Himself made coats of skins and clothed them. What Adam and Eve had done was not enough. God clothed them properly the way He saw fit. We too must make sure that we are doing what God wants. When we step out into this world, we are supposed to be a carbon copy of Jesus and His Word (1 Corinthians 11:1). Would Jesus condone some of the things that our ladies and men are wearing, or truly not wearing? Ladies, we can all admit that perhaps a better standard could be set by the females of this world. Mothers, remember to train your daughters up to realize the importance of modesty. Again, I want to make the point that I do not believe it is females only, so we will now shift our focus to the men.

It is an understood fact that most (if not all) men are physically-minded creatures. We notice things on the female body that women in some cases would not even come close to noticing. Brothers, because of this we have a great responsibility to have our heads on a swivel. We may not be expected by God to be of this world, but we are expected to live in it. That means living in a world that believes sin is no big deal. You will see people in your daily life that are not modest. How do we combat that? Obviously we know the passage about lusting after a woman. In Matthew 5:28, Jesus does not say: “If you lust after a woman who is dressed immodestly, do not worry, you are not at fault and she is.” No, Jesus simply stated that if I or any man look upon a woman and lust after her, I am committing adultery with her in my heart.

Men if we are honest we would admit that there can be times when we allow our minds to undress a lady when she has been modestly dressed. This is a sin! We too can leave our houses and be dressed immodestly. Remember the coats of skins we discussed earlier? The word in the Hebrew says it is like unto a shirt. And that shirts purpose? To cover the torso. We have to understand that when we go out into the world people are watching. Our children are watching. If they see us take no thought to how we dress, what will they grow up and do?

What a great task we have in this world. You may not be able to control what others are wearing, seeing, or doing. Yet, you can keep yourself from wearing, seeing, or doing what the world does. I do not want to hear on judgement day that I lost my soul because I took no care to modesty. I do not want that for you either.  Let’s all put some clothes on.