Who Do You Admire?

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I do not know about you, but God has richly blessed my life by giving me many good people to look up to. This is a blessing I strive not to take for granted. I daily observe the good example of my parents. Thankfully, I still have three out of four of my grandparents and am blessed by their good example. There are many other good Christian brothers and sisters I admire. Seeing other people’s examples of following Jesus helps me in my walk with my Savior.

Looking up to different people is a something that begins early in life. When some people are young, they look up to a superhero, an athlete, or a popular musician. Personally, there was no one cooler that I looked up to than Obi Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars series. Obi Wan was smart, levelheaded, had the best color lightsaber, used mind tricks, and many more things that I still, to some degree, think are awesome.

There are people we should place in high regard: parents, teachers, law enforcement, and other authority figures. There is also nothing inherently wrong with admiring movie stars, athletes, superheroes, or musicians, as long as they are not living ungodly lives. Faithful preachers, elders, Bible class teachers, and other Christians provide excellent examples to imitate.

However, out of all those people we look up to, they cannot compare to the admiration we should have for Jesus. Jesus has done, is doing, and will do many wonderful things for us. We cannot adequately wrap our minds around how much Jesus and God do for us and how they love us. Since Jesus has loved us so much, we need to look up to Jesus.

We look up to Jesus by obeying Him and following His example. As Christians, we have obeyed His plan for saving us. We must concern ourselves with trying to imitate His example to the best of our ability. I want to quickly look at one trait of Christ’s example that we should implement into our lives.

I want to look at how Jesus lived as a servant. You can find numerous examples throughout Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John of how Jesus served; this was His mission. When you think deeply about that fact, it should blow your mind.

Jesus served by healing the sick and raising the dead, among many other amazing deeds of service. Why did He do these things? Many answers might be given, but the easy one word answer is: LOVE.

We need to be people who strive to model Christ’s love to the entire world. One way we love is by serving. We all have different talents to use in service to God and others. I admire my Lord because He showed us His love by serving, and I want to live my life in service to Him and others. By doing this, maybe others can look up to me as a good example as I follow Jesus!

“The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”  ~ Matthew 20:28