A Message Through Fire

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Each of our lives will go through some sort of change. Whether it be a new job, a new town, or new people in our lives, there is always going to be change in our world. The question that we must ask ourselves is this: what are we going to do with that change? There was a character in the scriptures who was faced with that exact question. Moses was faced with many changes in his life. He went from being a young Hebrew baby to the prince of Egypt. Moses was no stranger to things changing around him, but even though he had been through much change, his greatest change was yet to come.

We read that Moses was living in the land of Midian while he was hiding from Pharaoh (Gen 3). Moses was tending his father-in-law’s sheep when he noticed a bush that was on fire. The bush was burning, but for some reason, it was not consumed. God then spoke to Moses and gave him a charge. He told Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. Moses then did what many of us would do today. He tells the Lord that he is not the man to talk to Pharaoh. He made excuses over and over again. We today tend to do the same thing. We have each been given amazing abilities that we can use for the cause of Christ, but too often we limit what we can do. Why do we doubt what God can do? We are afraid of what the world may think, but do we really understand who God is? Think about what Moses was doing. He was arguing with God! Moses was so critical of himself that he was willing to argue with the very Being that created him. Just like Moses, we tend to be self-critical. We make excuses either because we don’t want to do something or because we feel inferior to the task. The truth is we are more than conquerors through Christ (Rom. 8:37). We have been given great opportunities to spread the gospel of Christ, and we should not be ashamed. God is the one who has given us our talent and our charge (Matt. 28:18-20). He has not asked us to do anything that we can’t do. This is what Moses had to accept. God gave him the charge, gave him the means, and gave him the opportunity. We know that later on, Moses became the great leader that Israel needed. He led the children of Israel out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and to the border of the promised land. God protected His people then, and He has promised to be with us as well (Matt. 6:33).

Now I’m not saying this is easy. The devil’s most potent weapon is doubt. Doubt can cause us to do things that we ordinarily wouldn’t do. The truth is doubt is just another way that the devil uses our own feelings against us. No one wants to be an outsider or to be looked at as weird, but we must realize who we really serve. There is nothing that the world can do to us. God has promised us a home in heaven with Him if we do His will (John 14:2). The world can do all it wants, but that is our reward. Let us never be ashamed of who we serve and who we are. It took a message through fire to convince Moses to go to Pharaoh; let us be convinced by the sacrifice of our Lord. May we all strive to give others this same hope.