You Always Have The Poor

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You Always Have The Poor

In John chapter twelve Jesus began His last week on earth before the cross, a week commonly called the Passion Week. It was on the first day of this week that Mary anointed Jesus’ feet. This was a very emotionally charged scene, but as it often is, criticism was quick in coming.

Judas pointed out that this ointment could have been sold for what amounted to the average annual income of most Jews! We know because John tells us, that Judas was interested in stealing this money. But we also know from the high cost of this act that this wasn’t something that Mary did lightly.

It seems that Mary understood something about the sacrifice that Jesus was soon going to make for all of us. This was a truth that was lost on Judas. Every time that we use our resources to do one good thing, that means there is another good thing that we cannot do. It is up to each of us to choose the best thing to do with what we have.

There are always opportunities around us to show our love for Jesus, and to show His love to others around us. Rather than criticizing the good that others are doing, we should look for the good that we can do.