I Am The Door

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Have you ever been afraid? Like, really scared. What were you afraid of? Just about every person I know has something that scares them. “Lions, tigers, bears, oh my!” But seriously, what scares you? Often times people are scared by similar kinds of things. Darkness, loneliness, sometimes different kinds of animals. But what about doors? Doors are scary. I mean, have you ever looked at a door? They are terrifying! Some doors are left open. I mean, why would somebody do that? Some doors are shut. But why are they shut? What’s behind that door? Do you see what I am talking about? Doors are scary. 

In life, when we talk about doors we are often talking about opportunities. As new and different opportunities come our way we have to make decisions. Should I seize this opportunity or not? Is this a good door to walk through or should I let this door stay shut? All good questions, and it is because of questions like this that some people are scared of the doors that we encounter each day.

 But what if I told you that there is a door that is unlike every other door. This door is the most important and special door that there has ever been.  In fact, this door will bring all other doors into perspective. This door brings comfort, provides a place of belonging, provides security, will give your life direction, and will ultimately lead you to an eternal home.

The door that we are talking about is Jesus Christ. In John 10:7-9 we see that Jesus is the door of the sheep. As we look at these verses, we notice several special things about this door. There is only one door. There are not multiple doors or entrances, but only one. But what is Jesus the one door to? As we read in John 10:9 Jesus is the one and only door to salvation. There is no other way to be saved except through Jesus Christ. Since He is the one and only door to salvation, He is therefore the one and only door to the Church. In Acts 2:47 we see that the Lord added to the Church daily those that were being saved. The only way to be a part of the Church is to be added by the Lord when you are obedient to His Word. Through faith and obedience, we enter through the door and find ourselves in Christ. We see in Ephesians 1:3, that it is in Christ where all spiritual blessings reside. So Jesus is also the door to all spiritual blessings. These spiritual blessings provide that pasture and that abundant life that we read about in John 10:9-10.

Our lives can be completely changed if we will be obedient to the Word of God, enter through the door of Jesus Christ, and abide in Him all the days of our lives. If we will do that, then when He comes again, He will take us to be with the Father forever.  In John 14:6 we can see the words of Jesus, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Jesus is truly the door to eternal life. Will you enter in?