Timely Prayer Requests

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I would like to ask for your prayers for three things this weekend.

  1. Eleven months ago we were in Kyiv, Ukraine. We spent time with some wonderful Christians. They are a freedom-loving people. This church building was rebuilt after WW2. The structure that remained at the end of the year was left as unfinished brick. This morning Russian troops are in Kyiv. Rockets and downed aircraft have destroyed apartment buildings. No family in Ukraine is unaffected by Russia’s invasion at this point. War is an ugly thing. Souls are being ushered into eternity by violence.
  2. Brother Eti Paul, the director of our preaching school in Modelle, Cameroon has asked for prayers for his son, who has faced several health issues over the last few weeks. He has had malaria, a cough, a running nose, and now mumps.
  3. I am making final preparations to leave for Turkey, Portugal, and Norway with brother Stan Crowley. There are several unique opportunities for evangelism before us. Among these, is the chance to work with and encourage a young brother in Christ who we met in Kyiv last year. I’m certain that while he is safe in Portugal, his thoughts are of family and home.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support in our work.

For Christ,

Justin Hopkins