1 Year and Counting

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I’ll just be completely frank. I didn’t ever think this blog would make it to the one year milestone. But, here we are. Perspectives of a Bondservant becomes 1 year old this coming Sunday!

I didn’t get into this thinking I wanted to start a blog. I’m a math guy. I simply wanted to start writing some articles for our congregation’s bulletin. My intent was to write one article a month, and that would help take some of the load off our preacher, who also worked a full time secular job. But let me tell ya’. Once I started writing, ideas for new articles just kept coming. Everywhere I went I would see or hear something, and I would think “That would make a great article.” Before the first month was over, I had already written four or five articles, and I had a notepad full of other ideas. Then it hit me one day…why not just get one of those fancy blogs and put the articles on there? I worked nonstop for a couple days researching how in the world to start a blog, what to call it, and how to structure it. Some good friends that already had blogs gave me a few pointers. Within about a week, I had a free site setup and going.

To say I have been overwhelmed is an understatement. I started out posting 2 articles per week. Apparently I had forgotten I had a wife and three kids though, because a month of that made me realize there was no way to keep up that pace, so it got taken back to once per week. Fast forward one year, and this makes post #60. At the time I write this, these articles have been viewed a total of 6,768 times from 30 different countries! I still don’t really know how to process that. I mean, there were only 84 people in my high school class, so I’m not exactly a big-city guy.

Through this past year, I have learned a lot about myself. I have written articles that have caused me to look intently at my own Christian life, and many of the articles are really written with me being the intended audience. I have also learned that the more open I am with myself and my thoughts, the more impact I can have on someone else. I simply pray that these articles are having an impact on your life just like they have on mine.

For a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, here are the five most-read posts from this past year (in order):

  1. What is an “Ebon Pinion”?
  2. A Bullied Kid: My Story
  3. I Was Born This Way
  4. Casual Christianity, Part 1
  5. The Church Does Not Have Denominations

I hope to continue to grow the site, because I know that will help God’s word to reach more and more people. I do have a few plans for the coming year, including a book about biblical stewardship! I started it several months ago, but I’m not going to be breaking any records with time of completion. I’ve made myself slow down some so that I can make sure I research everything properly instead of hurrying through it just to get done. As of now, my goal is to have a printed book in my hands and ready to start distributing by the end of the year.

To everyone who has taken the time to read one of these blog posts, to those who have shared kind comments and encouragements, and especially to those who have shared the posts with others, I say thank you.