Before the Curtain Closes

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Last weekend, I was privileged to participate in a theatrical production of The Jungle Book with a cast made up of members of my homeschool cooperative. This opportunity is one I have enjoyed over the past eleven years.  With the completion of this play, I have now participated in thirty-six performances.

Although I have participated in this kind of activity for most of my life, every year after it is over, I always think of something I could have done better or something I could have done that I didn’t. There are things you cannot do after the curtain closes and the performance ends. Anything you want to do has to be done within the time you are allotted on stage, and within the role of the part assigned. Once the curtain closes, or your character responsibilities have ended, your opportunities on stage are over. In life, we only have so much time before we die, or for comparison in this article, the curtain closes.

In theatre, paying attention to the directors is essential. If you mess up or deliver a line the wrong way, you must answer to them. I am blessed to have the best directors to guide me. They motivate me to do my best, try to help me along the way, and lovingly correct me when I make a mistake.

 In life, God is our Director, and when the final curtain closes, we will answer to Him for our performance. 2 Corinthians 5:10 says, “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.” God has given us every opportunity to serve Him and has even given us the opportunity to live with Him for eternity if we obey Him.

In a play, you must also follow the script for a successful performance. The performers cannot just say anything or act in any way they wish. In life, our Director (God) has given us a script, which is the Bible. The Bible is the script we must follow if we want to get to heaven. It provides us with instruction on what to say and how to act to be successful.

If you follow the script and listen to the directors, you will usually have a good show. I think our group has tried to do this in our previous performances. Similarly, if we listen to God and follow the script He has given us, we will have a successful life and eternity.

You may not be the wealthiest or most liked person, but if you follow what God says in His Word, then you will have no regrets when the final curtain closes.

In a play, the cast and individual performers know when to go on and come off stage and understand when the end is scheduled to come, and the curtain will close, but life is not this certain, according to James 4:14.

Will you have any regrets when the final curtain closes for you?