God’s Handiworkers

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Sometimes we don’t look at the stars enough.  When was the last time you just stood outside and stared at the stars?

Tonight was one of those odd chances I got to do that for a few seconds, and I got to share it with my son.  I immediately spotted the Orion constellation and it’s unmistakable three-star belt.  I tried to point it out to my son.  He couldn’t find it, so I got down on his level and pointed within his line of sight so he could see it, and he did.  It was nice to share that moment together.

But then my son started to talk in the most innocent and humble way a seven-year-old can.  He said, “Oh yeah.  I see it.  Maybe God just had some extra time on His hands when he was done making the stars.  Those are God’s handiworkers.”

Conversations like that just make me smile.  The more I thought about it, though, it made me realize a few things:

  1. If you try to have Bible studies with your children and it feels like chaos, keep doing it.  I’ll be completely honest.  My mind thinks in terms of order and structure, so I typically come out of our family Bible times a little stressed.  Young kids just don’t sit still.  But my son did something tonight I hadn’t heard him do before.  He used scripture in just normal conversation (Psalm 19:1).  I don’t remember the last time we discussed that verse with our kids, but he remembered it.  It’s sticking, and that’s an exciting feeling!  No matter how chaotic your family Bible times may feel, keep doing it.  Even if the kids are laying upside down with their feet over the back of the couch, they are soaking it in.
  2. How often do I use scripture in my normal speech?  And when I say “normal” speech, I mean that my son didn’t turn to me after saying that and have a smug look like ‘See what I did there…I quoted scripture.’  There was no puffed out chest.  I’m not even sure if he knows that he said it, or that he was even trying to quote scripture, but that’s the point.  He just said it and kept on going.  Am I comfortable enough to talk like that with others, or do I get nervous of what they will think of me?  Do I know scripture well enough that I can use it in the middle of a conversation without even trying?
  3. It is true.  Psalm 19:1 does claim that the stars are part of God’s handiwork.  But do you know what else is part of God’s handiwork?  We are (Ephesians 2:10, NIV).  All us.  Whether we believe in Him or not.  Whether we are obedient to Him or not.  We are His handiwork.  The question is, though, are we His “handiworkers”?  The heavens work to declare the glory and majesty of our Father.  Does my life work in the same way to declare that same glory?

The next time the sky is clear, turn off all the lights and stand outside.  Just stare up at the stars.  Share the moment with your family.  Let the stars be the handiworkers that declare the glory of God.