Three Blogs – One Purpose

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The last couple of months has been very exciting around Perspectives of a Bondservant.  Last month we rolled out Perspectives of a Teenager with four great young men as writers.  Then towards the end of September, we introduced two new writers to the original blog.

We introduced Perspectives of a Teenager because, let’s face it, the rest of us writing are adults.  We see the world differently than we used to.  Well, Perspectives of a Bondservant has another shortfall.  Besides not being as young as we used to be, we’re also all guys.  That means all of our blog posts are written from not only a Christian’s perspective and an adult’s perspective, but it’s also written from a man’s perspective.

That brings us to our third exciting announcement!  We now have a third blog that you can follow.

This blog will be written entirely by ladies who work to spread God’s word while supporting their husbands who do the same.  As with the other two blogs, we have four ladies who will be writing on the blog, which is planned to come out every Wednesday.  So, let’s meet the writers.

Emily Hatfield

Emily Hatfield has been a preacher’s wife for 7 years. She currently lives in Charleston, SC, with her husband, Robert, and their daughter.   Robert preaches at the North Charleston church of Christ.  Emily is the author of Exposed: the World’s Lies and Deceptions Uncovered. You can find more of her writing at She also hosts Wifey Wednesdays, a podcast for women produced by The Light Network, and has previously hosted other podcasts as well. You can find her book and her podcasts at

Kim Higginbotham

Kim Higginbotham lives in Knoxville, TN, with her husband, Steve, who is the minister for the Karns church of Christ. They have four children who are college-age and young adults. She attended Freed-Hardeman University and then received her Master’s degree in special education from Marshall University. She has been a public school special education teacher, but now works for Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies as an adjunct teacher in the women’s program and also the part-time librarian for the school. In 2015, she began an outreach ministry called “Forever His”, which is a program for children with moderate and severe special needs. In 2018, she published her first book, Forever His: A Guide to Building a Special Needs Ministry. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her own blog,, speaking for Bible class teachers and ladies’ events, baking, and genealogy research.

Sheila Reecer

Sheila Reecer currently lives with her husband of 16 years, Chris, in Cookeville, TN. Chris is the pulpit minister at Oak Grove church of Christ in Moss, TN.  Sheila teaches the congregation’s ladies class, which is a tremendous blessing. She also writes on her own blog at


Shelley Hazel

Originally from Cape Girardeau, MO, Shelley Hazel is a Freed-Hardeman Alum and graduate of Southern Illinois University.  She met her husband of 20 years, Westley Hazel, at church camp while in junior high.  They have two teenage children, Evie and Deacon.  She worships with the Forrest Park church of Christ in Valdosta, GA.  When she’s not teaching music and preschool at Georgia Christian School, Shelley enjoys speaking to ladies about marriage, family, and reflecting Christ in their lives.